10 September 2017


(Not a typical kind of poem but just an attempt to portray the emotions of a guy who worked so hard professionally that he missed realising what he is losing from his personal life. Strange thought but yes it is really hard to realize the importance of things which are there in our life. There are times we start craving for something when they are not around. At that time you can only feel sorry about your situation and miss the person/thing you are craving for. ) 

May be

May be its time for me to run from the days of my past
May be it's time to forget all that I have lost.

I have  spent enough of my days mourning for the reason you left
and moved on.

May be it's time to leave your glimpse aside and
settle with your thoughts.

Remembers those strange couplets of words which I weaved
Remember the way you cried on our first meet.

It was easy to charm you then but now
May be it's just the stupid thought but yes you are not around.

I wish to bring back that time, 
I wish to make everything alright.

May be it's too late for that,
I wish I could have realized this sooner

May be I would have made this relationship work
the same way I work day & night.

((I will be pleased to read your comments on my post. Keep me posted, Thanks.))


© 2017, copyright Sankalp Singh


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