03 September 2017

Me ( A poem for Feelings trapped within us)

(A small poem in context to the feelings of your potential trapped inside your heart & mind.)

'Me' trapped within me

Feeling burdened with dreams of mine
I find myself trapped within me

Looking at the sky so wide
I feel I am trapped in a place so confined

These walls often try to crush my identity from inside.

Will I ever get away with this feeling of mine?
When a sudden turn will take away the pain of my life?

Is this a false hope that keeps me going?
Or the Almighty is testing me for the paths of glory?

A deep breath slowly wakes me up to watch the new sunrise,
With promises to see the setting sun with glory by my side.

These Unsaid words & These wet eyes make 
me strong to wait for that time

I still feel 'Me' trapped within me
Trying to Fight her way outside.

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© 2017, copyright Sankalp Singh


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.