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So finally our plan to visit this beautiful state of beaches Goa came into action. I will be sharing my experiences about this small 2 nights and 3 days trip and the places which we covered during this getaway.

In case you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon take a note of the places which you need to visit for sure.

Booking for Stay:

We had done the booking for the stay prior to our visit. Our stay was there close to the Baga Beach and the hotel name was Hacienda, booking for this was done by OYO Rooms. In case you need to take a look at the hotel you can click on the below link

It cost us around 6.5K for the time of stay for 6 people over here.

How we reached Goa?

To reach Goa from Pune we got our tickets done from Redbus app. It cost around 3K for the return journey all in all.
All you need to know over here is just don't get your tickets done by this particular bus service Nakoda Travels as they provide the tickets for prior booking at low cost and then when your trip is near they cancel the booked tickets saying the bus service is not available at that moment. 

How to commute in Goa?

The normal way of commuting in Goa while you travel to this place is getting a rented Scooty or Bike, In case you are planning to do the same and you are travelling via Bus then deboard the Bus at Mapusa, Goa. Ask someone about the Taxi Stand in Mapusa its 100m from the place where you will deboard the bus. Rent a Scooty for 500 INR/Day charge. It takes less then 10min to get the Scooty at rent. Don't waste your money on Cab/Taxi.

Places we covered in Goa

South Goa: 
We were not able to cover much in the South Goa Side except some of the known places So if you are planning to cover South Goa as well then I would like to suggest you do that when you have a longer stay in Goa. South Goa is more sort of commercialized and you will get to see some more crowd more shops and traffic if you visit places like:

Dona Paula
So what you will experience over here is a lot of shops, People with Fishing rods sitting on the Dona Paula point to catch some fish, Humid weather and traffic to reach to this place. There was nothing specific about this place apart from the fact that this place was used for shooting for the Bollywood hit movie Singham, Murder 2 and much more. 

And yes we did try FRESH LIME SODA from this stall, It cost 20Rs Per glass. ;)  

That's me on the Dono Paula Point marking my presence there.

Image result for dona paula point
Sculpture at Dona Paula Point

Old Church:

We have 3 Old church in Goa almost right next to each other i.e. 
1) Basilica of Bom Jesus
2) Church of St Francis of Assisi
3) Se Cathedral

We visited this place right after Dona Paula point it was 20KM far from the point. This place was packed with visitors.
 So in case you are planning to get some nice click from your Goa trip then I would suggest you to spend some time here getting your finest still clicked.


 This was all that we covered as a part of our visit to South Goa. In case you are planning to go to Casino then plan your trip here accordingly so that you can spend your evening in a Casino cruise in South Goa.


 North Goa:

One stop destination for awesome nightlife and fun while your visit here, There are tons of activity which you can do at different beaches which are situated in North Goa. Below are the places which we explored on our trip.

Chapora Fort:

In case you are planning to go to a beautiful spot for watching the Sunrise/Sunset this should be a one-stop destination for you. This fort rises high above Chapora river and was the Basecamp for the joint forces of Akbar & Marathas for their fight against the Portuguese.

One of my still at Chapora Fort, On background, it is the Vagator Beach.
We did try to reach Vagator Beach by trekking down from the Chapora Fort towards the beach side but there is a dead end there. You will have to jump down around the height of 1 floor if you are planning to do that. We came back from that point and took the normal route to Vagator Beach.

Shot from Chapora Fort Beach in view is Vagator Beach
One of the shops which I stumbled upon while trekking Chapora Fort
Vagator Beach:

This was the first Beach which I visited in Goa. It was fun to watch the serene beauty of water and hear the sound of the tides. 
Couple of water sports which we tried over here was Parasailing at the cost of 800 INR Person and Jet Skiing at cost of 300 INR and yes you have to Bargain to get this price. 

Note: You can try these stuff at Calangute Beach as well.

A couple of notes when you are going for parasailing is that If you are carrying your DSLR with you make sure to keep that inside a Bag while you are hopping on the Steamer which will take you to the Parasailing boat. You can take out your electronic gadget to click pic's once you reach the Parasailing boat which is somewhere in the mid.

Anjuna Beach

We spent our evening at Anjuna Beach, This particular beach was of Yellow Sand, Folded up the azure water of Arabian Sea and with hills in the background, it was a perfect paradise. There were multiple restaurants by the side of the beach which offered chilled Beer. There was perfect seating arrangement for the candlelight Beer treat.

The Beer cost us around 100 bucks per bottle.

Something that we tried to Boomerang on Anjuna Beach
Baga Beach

We heard a lot from the other travellers that Baga Beach is a place which you should keep for the visit during the night time, so that's how we planned our day. It was evening time when we walked in our Half sleeved Tshirt and shorts towards Baga. And once we reached the road to the beach I personally started feeling embarrassed. 
The Road to the Baga beach is full of Disc, Pubs and girls dressed in their best outfits. You will enjoy your walk towards that lane.
Pub entry is mostly free for girls, Paid (2500+ INR) for single guys and for a couple it's around 1000-1500 INR). 

Once you reach the Beach you will find multiple restaurants and thousands of people sitting there enjoying Beer 🍺 and Hookah and dining along the beachside. Most of the restaurant usually takes 4K INR pre-deposit to book your place there once you are done eating and about to leave you can collect the remaining amount of the money from the reception counter.

When I see now I don't really have any picture from this place, Seems like we were too busy in doing other stuff.

This place remains open till 5 in the morning I guess not sure about it we walked towards our hotel at 3 AM in the morning and the place was still crowded.

Aguada Fort:

There is not much about this place which I liked. It was totally packed with the crowd getting their pics clicked at different places for no reason. My viewpoint when I reached here was that I almost found this one identical to Shaniwarwada which is in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Image result for aguada fort
This Particular Pic is from MakeMyTrip I was not interested to even click a picture here. :P

Candolim Beach

In case you missed to try the adventure sports at Vagator then you will find numerous option over here. We have Dolphin and Banana ride as well added to the list if you wish to try over here.

You can take the pleasure of the Shacks on the beachside and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Arambol Beach:

This was the beach where we enjoyed the most, This beach is perfect if you want to enjoy Quality time getting wet in water. We don't have that yellow sand over here so it is not going to stick on your body.

This is the only pic worth sharing from this beach, Rest all the censored one. 😛

Calangute Beach:

The last place which we visited in our Goa trip was Calangute Beach. Packed with thousands of visitor this Beach stretched to a very large area, It is next to the Baga beach, You get to enjoy all kind of water sport over here.

You will get to see mostly Indian crowd over here. 

Yes, this place looks equally beautiful like Baga if you are wondering about the nightlife.

Share this post with your friends if you are planning to Visit Goa Soon, Do share your experiences about the visit to this beautiful place. 


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