25 November 2017

12 Word Story: Redefine

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Thanks @wordsofvinay for this challenge. I have just used a different form of it. I hope I did justice to it. Make sure to drop your comments about this post 📯. I am glad @mahartified & @_a_girl_in_the_dark already joined to this. So I guess I will be tagging @drunk_musings @alpas_writes @vividtalesoflife @bhumikasingh__ for this challenge. For all those new readers out there. If you are loving it then please join me in this challenge it is open for you as well. Make sure to tag me in your post. . . The word is #Redefine please use this in a #12wordstory . . @chasingthought #instagramwriters #poemoftheday #spilledink #wordstagram #typewriterpoetry #runawaywriters #Quotes #indianwriters #poetryporn #youngauthor #poemporn #hisheartpoetry #relatablepoetry #wanderlust #baresoul #feelings #advice #follow #wordplay #tumblrpoetry #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #wordgasm #poetsofig #blogger #writersofindia
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14 November 2017

Open Letter to My Dear Friend

My pen bleeds the pain this heart has endured

I somehow don’t understand the way we stand in appreciating peoples artwork. I somehow stand miles apart on the thought the way people think they deal with the creative sides of people.
Do you know it takes almost days and months to overcome the writer’s block to be precise? There are times when you are not able to write even after that.

This is going to be an eye-opener post for the crowd who think they have the authority to judge the art which we are creating in terms of fun and joke.

Last night I was sharing a conversation with one of the guys who had almost no knowledge about me, I asked him to like one of the pages which I had created on Instagram where I kept on sharing post and contents which I curated by time. I was telling the story that how I started this and how much this (writing) means to me. I lived this art somehow.

The next moment one of my friends barged into the room and said, “he caught you as well”. Don’t hear a word he is saying, he just keeps on promoting the stuff which he does. Don’t listen to that stuff.

This is going to be an open letter to such people.

Dear Friend,

You almost lost respect which you earned while appreciating the post which I had written before. I loved that I had a friend who used to like the content I created. Funny is that now I have a question, were you liking that because of the peer pressure or because you really liked what I did.
If it was real because you liked the contents, then why the perspective gets changed when I try to reach other people to read the stuff.

We are just an artist and it takes a lot of effort to come up with an Idea and content of one post. We admire if people stop by and comment on the stuff if they like. Who we are without an audience. It ironical you don’t realize the essence and importance of feelings which we pour in the stuff we do. You readers matter to us like anything because you keep us motivated.

You are one of the driving force for whom we daily dip into the emotions which we have experienced and come up with something to ink down on paper.
Feel free to drop your feedback your comments but I request you from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t make fun of what we do. We pour our heart into our work. If you can’t spread the message of our work with your friends. Please don’t make fun of it when we as a person are trying to do that.

Somehow it affects the creative side of us and adds a question to our instinct.

Thank you,
Chasing Thoughts.

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