31 March 2018

Acrostic Poetry ( BRAVE )

What is Acrostic Poetry?

An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. Typically, the first letters of each line are used to spell the message, but they can appear anywhere.

An Examples for that :


Burn me down with your thoughts
Ravel the ongoing mystery about LUST
Aggravating the state to breath
Viciously turning laughter into moans
Ecstatic to some, for me, it was just a wild dream.


Yes, this is real. 
If you are not aware of what nymphomania is, It is uncontrollable or excessive sexual desires in Women. I tried to touch that topic in this poetry.

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25 March 2018

Elegy Poetry - Her Memory Bed

What is Elegy Poetry ?

An elegy is a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead but ends in consolation.
While elegy poems are not exactly the most joyful type of literature available, they are certainly worth knowing about since they provide details to the reader about someone else's life.

Example of Elegy Poetry

I dreamed of a day when one had died on the memory bed.
Who knew it was such a tale that the lullaby went far ahead.
I lay my hand around her in sleep with care & love widening its spread.
I hugged her tight in my arms finding it difficult to call ahead
it was just the tears bidding her adieu for all as the words were shorting less.
Her voice echoed in my heart and mind and her laughter turned in a broken song, hands held tight for failed promises as I said I will take care of her till death
Who knew that death was so mean that it came right back hunting at me.
 I dreamt of Doing more in this love but I guess I'll have to settle down in your memory bed.

In case you are looking for more examples you can click on below link


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16 March 2018

Combing a Poetry ( Peace, Lightening Strikes, Release , Sepia Stained Pages )

[Caption] Ever caught in an incident when someone read your journal and which messed the relationship with them in your life. Let me know about your experience. "I tried" is a poem which I wrote keeping that crux in my mind. - Sankalp Singh ( @chasingthought ) #SankalpSingh Follow me if you haven't. . . Drop your love if you like this piece. Do participate in this writing prompt. Combing a few #poetrychallenge with this #haiku ❤️ Read below to find out all the words which you have to use in your piece. . . Thanks to @ladyinredpoetry For inviting me to this awesome writing prompt. I know this has been delayed. Accept my apologies for this. ———————————————————- Word Prompt #peace for #ourpoetryjourneyfeb18 Tagging a few, Open to allπŸ’– ———————————————————— Word Prompt #lightening #strikes for #psychangelfeb18 Hosted by @psych786angel ———————————————————— Word Prompt #release for #cmverbchallenge Hosted by @cerynnmccain ———————————————————— Word Prompt for #sepia #stained #pages for #februaryfalls18 ———————————————————— Words by @chasingthought πŸ–Š Image found on Pixabay 🎨 • • • #poetry#poetryofinstagram#poet#poetsofinstagram#poem#poemoftheday#love#healing#words#quotes#instagood#writetowrite#herheartpoetry#poetrytribe#ladyinredpoetry #artilixirpoetry #bymepoetry #untwinemeindia #avoicefromfaraway #tmswriter #untwineme
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11 March 2018

How to add Blogger Push Notifications to Blogspot Blogger

How to add Blogger Push Notifications to Blogspot Blogger

Wondering about the growing trend with the push notification getting installed on most of the publisher website.

Are you thinking about installing the same on your Blogger website and you don't have any idea about coding?

Follow this step by step guide in order to do the same.

Benefits of doing this? 

Whenever you will post anything on your blog, It will give a notification to all the person who has turned on your post notification. 
That means you will get more audience.

*Note- This will be done by using the Push notifications widget powered by push assist.

How to add push notification?

  1. Register for Pushassist from https://pushassist.com/register/
  2. Log in to your portal "https://YourAccountName.pushassist.com/login/"
  3. Copy the Javascript code for the push notification by selecting the desired template.
  4. Paste the code above </head> tag on your blogger.
  5. Open your website. You are done.
Here we have completed all the steps that are necessary to add web push notifications to your website. Now, check your website is it showing opt-in box which asks notification permission to your website users.

Open www.sankz.com and check the demo of this feature in case you want to take a look.

Drop your questions in comments if you have any.

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10 March 2018

We're Pregnant ( Picture Poetry )

[Caption] //Let Me// Because being a father is not only about your sperm journey. It takes more than that. It's not just she who is pregnant. It's always "We are Pregnant". One with baby & you my dear friend with all the other responsibilities to take care of the mother. " We are pregnant. " is just about the parental journey which someday you will start. So better keep this in mind.
. -Sankalp Singh ( @chasingthought )

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How to Start Sharing your Instagram Feed On Blog?

How to Start Sharing your Instagram Feed On Blogger ?

So you have been thinking about sharing you Instagram Content on your Blog but you don't know the right way of doing that.

Allow me to explain the easy methods of doing this. It doesn't require any coding knowledge except your common sense. Which I am sure you all are having that.

There are 2 ways of sharing your Instagram post.

  1. Share 1 post at a time.
  2. Use a widget to share the post automatically.

Share 1 post at a time -

If you are thinking of sharing your latest Instagram post as your new blogging content. All you have to do is -
- Open the post you wish to share.
- Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the post.
- Click on Embed Code & Copy it.
Embedded Post

- Open New blog post and changed the posting option to HTML and paste the embed code which you just copied.

How to Share Instagram Post Automatically on the blog.

  1. Go to https://lightwidget.com/  OR https://snapwidget.com/
  2. Create your new account.
  3. Create the widget per your preference. Copy the Code.
  4. Add the code copied of your widget on your blogging platform.
  5. You are done. Your Blog will show the Instagram feed.

  1. Go to https://lightwidget.com/  OR https://snapwidget.com/

    You just need to login to the website and create the kind of widget you want to display on your blog. Both of them offers, Grid, Slideshow and other kinds of widgets to share your Instagram content.

    One thing to note here is that when you use snapwidget this particular widget first redirects you to its person site.

    While if you use lightwidget it directly redirects the person who clicks on the image to your Instagram account.
  2. Create your new account.

    It is a simple process which you can do without any help.
  3. Create the widget per your preference. Copy the Code.

    Below is the snapshot of the lightwidget website and the field which you need to enter in order to create the widget.

    On your right, you can view the live preview of the widget you are creating. Once you are satisfied with the preview and the widget settings you need to click on the Get Code tab and copy the code for the widget.

    This process is similar to the SnapWidget site as well.
  4. Add the code copied to your widget on your blogging platform.

    Next Comes is simply adding your copied code to the layout section of blogger/ Wordpress account. You don't have to do any changes there.
  5. You are done. Your Blog will show the Instagram feed.

    Below is the snapshot of the recently installed widget on my blog.

    To take a demo Go to Instgram Widget

In case you are thinking about starting a new blog. Don't forget to read How to start a blog for free

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09 March 2018

How to start a blog for free

How to Start a blog for free - Chasing Thoughts

So it has been days since you were wondering about starting a new blog?
Or was it like you never got a real way of finding out from where to start blogging.

In this post, I will be trying to explain the simple steps for starting the blogging journey.

Starting your blog in 4simple steps -

  1. Choose a blogging platform.
  2. Pick a domain name.
  3. Design & use your blog!
  4. Decide what to blog about.

  1. Choose a blogging platform.

    There are many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are a few.At first, you need to decide you want to go ahead with which blogging platform. Currently, I am using Blogger. It is a simple blogging platform with an easy way to handle your content. This is one of the free hosted blogging platforms.In case you are not planning to invest in the initial days of blogging. I would suggest picking anything in between blogger/WordPress based on your ease and suitability.
  2. Pick a domain name

    In case of free blogs, your domain name will end with the blog service provider name. Like, suppose you are starting your blog on the blogger website and choosing the name "Sankz". If the name will be available then the blog address/domain would be www.sankz.blogspot.com

    Same goes for the WordPress site as well.
  3. Design and use your blog

    A good theme gives you the look and feels you want to your blog, allowing you to make a blog that looks exactly how you want it to look. If you’re not a coder (we certainly weren’t), then a theme makes the design work a million times easier. Blogger/Wordpress both of them provides free themes which are easy to install. You can pick anything among them and start using that.
  4. Decide what to blog about

    The reason a kept this point as the last one is not because this is not important. This particular stuff is the most important part of the blogging journey. As you have already heard about this numerous times. Content is king. So in order to engage the audience on your blog. You have to make sure that you are writing good and quality content which will come in use for everyone.

    Since you were already searching for how to start a blog. I am sure you must have thought through about this and hoping to start something related to your hobby. Spend some time in researching and creating quality contents for your blog.

Feel free to drop you questions in comment.

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03 March 2018

Guilt - 5 Steps which will help you stop feeling guilty

Poetry on Guilt

If you have a heart then, of course, you would have felt this particular emotion which is best suited to eat you from inside. 
If you are going through it, Consider the below points.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty?

  1. Forgive yourself.
  2. It's just your action, not you.
  3. Try to solve the mess if you can.
  4. Pick up writing Journals.
  5. Talk about your guilt.

  1. Forgive yourself.

    You have to take accord of your actions and think rationally now. It's enough blaming yourself stuff / the time. Finally, you have to accept that it was a mistake from your side. Once you accept that. It's then when you need to work on the point of forgiving yourself. We as human are bound to commit mistakes. What's comes after is how we resolve that.
  2. It's just your action, not you.

    There is certainly a difference in between the actions which you commit and the kind of person you are. Don't let your mess define the kind of person you are. You have to psychologically be strong and just accept the things which went wrong as a moment of foolishness but not something which defines your personality.
  3. Try to solve the mess if you can.

    It's time that you stop feeling guilty and work on the resolution of the stuff which went wrong. If you are able to fix that mess, then, of course, you will not have anything to feel guilty about. Take the second attempt and go for fixing it.
  4. Pick up writing Journals.

    Yes, it helps. Writing your worries or the moment which is mocking you in journals helps you out in cleaning your mind and helping you understand with a clear mind. So you have to work your way out on this. Don't give me lame excuses that you can't write. Just pick a piece of paper & pen and write about the things which are troubling your mind.
  5. Talk about your guilt.

    So we have this weird way of keeping things in our mind and trying to meddle with that alone. That works if you have a strong will of solving your problems on your own but not for everyone. So take a breather & share with your loved ones about the things which are troubling you.

Feel free to drop some more points in comments if you have any.

In case if you are feeling depressed then don't miss to read the post 7 Steps to overcome depression

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02 March 2018

Why do we post gym selfies?

Have you ever come across this foolish question?

When you check someone on your social networking account or maybe the social networking stories when people post their gym selfies with everyone.

I personally end up asking a question to myself that what the f*ck is wrong with them?, I mean I understand.  Your body is your temple and you are working hard for it. But why share the pic right at that moment.

So I ended up searching a couple of things related to that over the internet and surprisingly found that one particular university has done some research on this and they have found this particular thing as a psychological problem.

The researchers at Brunel University found that people who post a lot of gym selfies, and a lot of statuses about their workout regimen and diet, may actually be suffering from narcissism.  They aren't just happy to have a lot of people admiring their physique, they crave the attention they gain from posting photos of their chiselled quads and toned glutes.
Got a lot of people on your timeline posting about how jacked and tan they are? What do you think about it? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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