Elegy Poetry - Her Memory Bed

Elegy Poetry - Her Memory Bed

What is Elegy Poetry ?

An elegy is a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead but ends in consolation.
While elegy poems are not exactly the most joyful type of literature available, they are certainly worth knowing about since they provide details to the reader about someone else's life.

Example of Elegy Poetry

I dreamed of a day when one had died on the memory bed.
Who knew it was such a tale that the lullaby went far ahead.
I lay my hand around her in sleep with care & love widening its spread.
I hugged her tight in my arms finding it difficult to call ahead
it was just the tears bidding her adieu for all as the words were shorting less.
Her voice echoed in my heart and mind and her laughter turned in a broken song, hands held tight for failed promises as I said I will take care of her till death
Who knew that death was so mean that it came right back hunting at me.
 I dreamt of Doing more in this love but I guess I'll have to settle down in your memory bed.

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