11 March 2018

How to add Blogger Push Notifications to Blogspot Blogger

How to add Blogger Push Notifications to Blogspot Blogger

Wondering about the growing trend with the push notification getting installed on most of the publisher website.

Are you thinking about installing the same on your Blogger website and you don't have any idea about coding?

Follow this step by step guide in order to do the same.

Benefits of doing this? 

Whenever you will post anything on your blog, It will give a notification to all the person who has turned on your post notification. 
That means you will get more audience.

*Note- This will be done by using the Push notifications widget powered by push assist.

How to add push notification?

  1. Register for Pushassist from https://pushassist.com/register/
  2. Log in to your portal "https://YourAccountName.pushassist.com/login/"
  3. Copy the Javascript code for the push notification by selecting the desired template.
  4. Paste the code above </head> tag on your blogger.
  5. Open your website. You are done.
Here we have completed all the steps that are necessary to add web push notifications to your website. Now, check your website is it showing opt-in box which asks notification permission to your website users.

Open www.sankz.com and check the demo of this feature in case you want to take a look.

Drop your questions in comments if you have any.

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