27 April 2018

SADNESS - Emotions Ruling your Mind

I have been caged in my memory bed
I tried to quiver this feeling of restlessness
But I failed miserably.

I tried to fight back but the more I tried the more I drowned in this state of being numb.

I wonder if it's coming back to take hold on me.


For once I wish to feel this state of being numb. I don't have any answer for "Why" and "how" I am planning to pull myself out of this. It's just this thought which is lingering around me asking me to throw myself into this feeling till indefinite time.

All I can do is "STAY STRONG" and battle through it.

 "Tried to depict one state when you are sad and you don't know the reason for it. It's just that you are feeling low and unable to handle yourself. Stay strong because these days are meant to pass."

© 2018, copyright Sankalp Singh