19 May 2018

Say that you love her (Crush Story | Friendship)

Muster up some courage
Say that you love her
She said out of excitement
When I told her about the
girl I had a crush on.
“I was just hoping to save this friendship, to run an extra mile by not disclosing that I had fallen in love with her.”
I smiled!
Maybe I should.
I spoke in a low voice.

I had a difficult time making my teenage self-understand that you have to say that to her. There is always a choice in saying and committing that you have fallen in love with her or just deciding to be friend zoned forever. The friend zone part which was self-implicated upon me by myself because of the fear of losing someone dear from life.
There was a battle inside my brain, a tug of war. Most of the time my fear won over what my heart used to say.
But finally, I mustered up the courage to say that to her.
It was beautiful. My heart felt light as if it was something which I wanted to say for so long.
And Finally, I did.
( Dedicated to all the people out there who are still gathering the courage to commit their love to their crushes. )

Sankalp Singh
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