30 May 2018

Silent Farewell Sucks, Isn’t it?

If promises were just mean to be broken,
Why you have been waiting for so long to
torment this heart?
To give up on this story which we started long back.
You were free to do that before, Isn't it?
Or maybe you wanted to check.
How much this heart can endure. 

Isn't it true?
We get attracted towards someone and end up doing all kind of promises just to win him/her over and fall in love with us. While we ourself don't really know the depth we can go to keep our words.

It hurts when you can't reason a person before dumping. You got issues, That's fine. In that case, you at least got something to hold against the partner. A grudge, a sense of hate that things were not rolling over the way it was expected.

But what about when one morning you just wake up after having a beautiful conversation with your partner and you realize that's the last conversation which you had. There are no more message on your phone, no social notification and you are in no way able to contact the person henceforth.
What happened?

Were you dumped out of nowhere?

Silent farewell is the worst to bear with. Because you don't really have anything to hold against it.
That brings to the inference of this post. 
  1. Don't really portray yourself in form of promises and lies which you can't keep up while falling in love with someone.
  2. By any chance, if you are planning to dump a person. Have some guts to do that in person if you can. Reason them why it can't work. Why you want a break from a relationship which was going just fine. If you were able to reason your sane mind. Why can't you reason him/her?
  3. Don't do the same stuff with any future relationship of yours.

  • Sankalp Singh
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© 2018, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Hi..You write bunch of amazing words. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.
    Do take a look at my blog as well :-)

    1. https://kitesnroses.blogspot.com/

    2. I was trying to look at your piece but its invitation only.

  2. Pleasure is all mine, Thank you for stopping by. Sure let me take a look at that.


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