Do you feel unsatisfied when you go to bed? (Poem)

Do you feel unsatisfied when you go to bed?

Help me to hold my thoughts,
These silent stares at the wall
Quiver my thoughts,

Help me to contain this feeling,
So that I don't go to bed with a void inside my heart.

Teach me how to be patient,
Teach me how to shove this emotion off

I have been trying to live a life to its content.
Why does this hollow grow alas?

Do you feel this want,
To do something more on this day?

Teach me how you satisfy your heart
For me, I leave what's left of this day and me
To my dreamy thoughts.
Wake me up when I am satisfied,
As It's just the dreams where I don't hide.

[ We have this feeling inside our heart where we tend to expect some return from a day. We often don't know about the limits and actuality to our desire and wants. And we end up expecting more from a day in return which we are not able to fulfill.
We end up feeling bad about this loss as if there was something which we wanted to attain this very day and we were unable to and we end up feeling bad about it. We go to bed with a heavy heart of not attaining something which we expected from this day.

Here is a catch to this and an answer which I wanted to give my teenage self.

"Take it slow"

There are things we end up expecting from us and we end expecting so much from ourselves we can't really complete in one day. We shouldn't end up with a heavy heart, Instead, we should better plan out our tomorrow to take one step closer to what we want from ourselves. ]

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