Just in the Drop of you ( Poetry )

Chasing Thoughts Poetry

I wonder if this is how it meant to start,
Eyes silently glaring your sight,
Avoiding to get caught.

I thought he stopped making
"Girls Like You"
At least that's what I thought

But believe me, my heart can't stop pounding
Whenever you cross my thoughts.

I'm nervous but I want to try,
I want to take the leap forward
To frame the best couplet of my life.

I want to step forward from my dreams,
And make you the reality of my life.

I'm sure,
I'm damn sure,
That's it is for you baby that I have been waiting throughout this time.

Hear what my heart keeps on repeating as a chorus
to this beautiful composition of this time.

Hey Baby,
Just in a drop of you, I think I have lost an ocean of me.

✍️ Sankalp Singh & Sylph
#ChasingThoughts #SankalpSingh

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  1. hey there! this is a really pretty piece of work :) stay awesome.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping this beautiful comment. It means a lot for me.

  2. This is pretty amazing.