How important is Change in our life ?

We often mistakenly conclude and categorize changes as one of the negative aspects of life.

With growing time and increasing trust in the bond,
our expression and act of belief is often contexted to the point,
that people quote "You have changed"

Let's just think about the time when we have been constantly reminded of the fact that "We have changed and we are not the same person as before" and how many times that was used in the context that it was positive.

Comparatively less, Isn't it?

Change is necessary and its inevitable.
Moreover, its something which human tends to pick up,
Since we are evolving species.

If we could just talk and understand the reason for the change,
And figure out the stance, we would be in a much better state.

We would not feel sorry now and then in our relationship to the mere fact that

"We haven't tried"

This one is for all those changes in one's life which was necessary and which turned out good for us,

Because at the end of the day we can't always live the life of a fairy tale.

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  1. Any change in our lives will affect the subsequent course of events. Undoubtedly, all events are important and lead us only to a better outcome

  2. Man, by nature, resists change and therefore may miss many opportunities that would be the best option for him.