I will love to be your world ( Poem by Sankalp Singh )

I will love to be your world,
If you can manage to visit mine.

Since when sharing affection or love started being a journey to quench ego?
Since when we starting taming our affection because we don't feel like sharing with others?

Why are we so hesitant about expressing our thoughts?
Why we prefer suppressing feelings more than sharing?

Is it something which coincidently got hardwired in our minds
by picking things happening in our surrounding?

Don't you think to wait for things to happen on its own
is more like shoving things on destiny for which you had
to take the step in the first place?

"I will love to be your world,
If you can manage to visit mine."

Shouldn't be like

 "I will love to share my world with you betting on the hope that you could be mine." .

  • © Sankalp Singh
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