Does it hurt? ( Poetry about Break Up)

Does it hurt? ( Poetry about Break Up)

Does it hurt?

sad poetry for a breakup

I often pick up this pen to script down the pain which time has cast upon me. 
But I don't know why it hurts so much that I could only scribble some periods and nonsense to get lost in an endless thought about you?

Does it hurt?

I often question myself every night when I try to wave off this feeling of loneliness and seek peace in my current state of mind. While I could just feel abandoned most of the time as your thoughts always mock me sitting right in front of me. 

Does it hurt? , I inquire. 
When I see you switching emotions, your beliefs in a way that you have just mastered the art of robotics. 
While I am trying my best to live in the state you left me in. Figuring different ways to fall out of love. 

All I could find in place of peace is my sleepless nights and your memories haunting me to survive and those questions which you left unanswered asking me to figure it on my own.

Does it hurt? 
I fear it doesn't because I would have been there with you talking on our failed promises and stitching our broken hearts trying to mend the grief which I hope you unintentionally hurled me into. 

And this is what I always like to believe..........!!

(Sad Poetry

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