LGBT Poetry about Courage and Pride, Love is Love

LGBT Poetry about Courage and Pride, Love is Love

What is LGBT?

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and along with heterosexual, they are terms used to describe people’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Isn't homosexuality a thing? Are you free to talk about that?
Are you ready to accept that?

In a society where we all are still caged up to the mentality of caste creed racism and religion. There is this foreigner "Homosexuality" which I don't know when will find solace in the people's heart.

LGBT Poetry Art

Drifted apart in her thoughts she often felt united in dreams.
That's the life she picked up where she chose fantasy over reality and cuddled with the imagination to soothe her feeling when reality inflicted questions of approval upon her heart.

She was just another girl who was questioning the beliefs of being dealt with criticism for the choices of her free will.

For the choices of her heart?

Was it too much to ask?
She inquired out of curiosity while talking to herself in the time when she was trying to be true to her heart.
Forced to accept the ideology of this hardwired society she often felt caged in the small world of her own.

When she felt practically nothing looking at him but a world next to her imagining her gentle touch.

Perhaps, she was afraid of her acceptance.
Perhaps, she always tried to hide her instil wish.

But she was dealing with feelings of reality and the reality always left her with some questionable thoughts.

Is it too much to ask?
She doubted her subconscious thoughts. For it was the love she was looking after but she always found herself caged in her thoughts.

Drifted apart in her thoughts she often felt united in her dreams. Because that was the place where she wasn't caged to the norms, she could choose out of her free will. She could fall in love with the person she wants she could live her life out of her own free will.


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  1. Excellent Post.

  2. It's beautiful, sadly we live in a place where esteem solidarity is not taken into consideration.