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Hi, there

       I am glad that you are exploring so much on this blog of mine, I always keep on describing me more with the things which make me feel happy or the things which I somewhere fascinate for.But i.e. certainly not me, I am trying to work on the project "Words can change you" and using the power of speech in order to reach maximum people with the day to day experience as well as creative write-ups and articles inspired by observation of the surrounding.

     I am an engineer by profession and a writer by choice, I love sharing stories with people or carving words in the format of poems or paragraphs. In my free time I like to create some quote pictures, Tiny tails as well as #heSheStories in order to share it on my instagram writing account Chasing Thoughts / Facebook Page Chasing Thoughts

    I am not so fond of writing things in pressure and always do things which I like, most of the contents which I write have been taken from the real-life happenings or it can resemble something which happened with you,(P.S. you are my friend).

This blog would not have been possible without the idea of my dear friend Snigdha who motivated and projected the thought of storytelling to me, before that I was just a guy who use to daily dip his pen into ink and fill numerous pages of diary with his thoughts.

Don't forget to say hello to me. :)

In case you wish to reach my personal account below are the mentioned link.

Best Regards,
Sankalp Singh 


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