He She Stories - Chapter 1

"There are some relationships which always touch your heart, may be this will turn out to be a one for you"
Out in excitement of meeting him after so long she was unable to sleep, she had so much to talk to him in person, so much to fight about. The last couple of months he missed to wish her a morning & good night almost 10 times, she was angry for that, as she waited for him all day long. She was angry that he promised to be there on her birthday yet he missed. She knew that it was difficult for him to be there, but she was thinking and acting just out of pure love, out from her heart.
Her diary was filled out with numerous scribbles about days of loneliness, about days of missing him, about all what she wanted to do with him, but it was not just another fairy tale story. Life had so much to deal with that relationship was just a tiny part of being alive. She felt about this all throughout but now she was happy, she was happy about the day that finally arrived.
She w…