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How to watch HOTSTAR premium video for free?

Do you want to watch Hotstar Premium contents for free on you laptop?
Please follow the steps below in order to do that.
1 - You have to download the RAR file from the below links which will be used in  order to buffer the video.

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2-   You need to have VLC player installed on your system.
Once you have downloaded the above file go to Hotstar website. 
1- Right click on the premium content and Copy Link Address as highlighted in below image.

2 Once you have copied the link extract the RAR file which you download and open Hotstarlivestreamer windows bat file and paste the premium video link in that and press enter.
Then choose any of the available streaming quality once you have chosen then, select P for Playing or D for downloading.
When you will enter P the video will open in the VLC player.

P.S. I have tried this for the Indian Premium content do let me know in comments if it is working for the…

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